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news code : 1973  |  event date : 13:10:59
The 22nd International Exhibition of IRAN HEALTHS was held at the International Exhibition Center in Tehran on June 10-12, 2019, with attendance more than 500 domestic medical, dental, laboratory ...
news code : 1976  |  event date : 13:30:6
The 22nd International Exhibition of IRAN HEALTHS will be held at the International Exhibition Center in Tehran on June 10-12, 2019. Owzan Company’s Pavilion was located in Hall 38 No. 38 for visi ...
news code : 1975  |  event date : 13:24:39
At the birthday of Imam Hassan Mojtaba, the Iftar ceremony was held at Owzan Company and Dr. Malekvand CEO of Daroopakhsh Holding Company, CEO and Board of Directors and Central office staff of Ow ...
news code : 1974  |  event date : 13:15:2
In addition to Owzan Co. shipped milk powder for flood areas in April this year; it also pays 300 million Rials to account of Public Participation of the Welfare Organization in order to help live ...
news code : 1968  |  event date : 14:4:24
Owzan Company sends about 3,000 cans of powdered milk to the Lorestan Province Refah Department for infants of the flood event to reach the people. It is worth noting, that the steps are in progr ...
news code : 1969  |  event date : 14:25:6
The New Year’s Meeting at Owzan Company was held at the conference hall of the company. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Saeid Reza Rahamdar, CEO of Owzan Company, Alireza Braghi, Deputy Finance a ...
news code : 1952  |  event date : 11:12:3
By issuing a decree from Dr. Rahmdar, CEO of Owzan Company, Mr. "Alireza Joogheh Doost" was appointed as the security administrator of Owzan Company.
news code : 1949  |  event date : 15:12:30
The fifth provincial capital appreciation ceremony was held on Tuesday on 10/07/1397 (02 October, 2018) at 10 am in the Hall Conference of Shahid Hosein Fahmideh on Industry, Mine and Trade of Alb ...

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