• time : 15:35:51
  • Date : Sat May 11, 2019
  • news code : 1965
Extended ISO certificates related to Owzan Company for Sixth consecutive year in 1398

Owzan Company has been successful to extended certificates of the management system including ISO9001:2015، ISO14001:2015، OHSAS18001:2007، ISO10002:2018، ISO10004:2018، ISO10668:2010 ، ISO10015:1999، IMS and GMP in Central office and Shahid Dr. Faqhihi's factory activities and without inconsistencies in organizational processes for the sixth consecutive year.

The audit of these standards was held on 30/April/2019 (10/02/98) and 04/May/2019 (14/02/98) and the company has been successful in extending ISO certificates. Establishment and maintenance of these standards is carried out annually with the aim of integrated and systematic management of business processes (process management) and in line with the strategy of organizational improvement. The management policy for implementation of the above standards includes: Increasing comprehensive and balanced satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially customers, Continuous improvement through the promotion of self-evaluation culture, improve the speed, increasing the effectiveness of processes and flexibility and preparedness of the organization's processes for change. Also, due to the significant improvement of the infrastructure of the manufacturing unit of Owzan Company (Shahid Dr. Faghihi Factory) in the fields of safety, health and environment, the Company intends to provide the necessary preparations to upgrade the OHSAS18001 certificate to ISO45001 in the year 98.

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