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عنوان : Thanks and referrals of the old and new members of the Board of Directors of Owzan Co.
کد خبر : ۱۹۷۵
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ساعت : ۱۳:۲۴:۳۹

امتیاز :  ۲/۳۳ |  مجموع :  ۳

At the birthday of Imam Hassan Mojtaba, the Iftar ceremony was held at Owzan Company and Dr. Malekvand CEO of Daroopakhsh Holding Company, CEO and Board of Directors and Central office staff of Owzan Co. and workers of Shahid Faghihi Factory participated.

Firstly, Dr. Movahedi, member of the board spoke and congratulated the birth of Imam Hassan. Secondly, he spoke about brilliant performance and achievements of Owzan Company in the last 5 years. Also, Mr. Moazzemi, Dr. Kakhki, Dr. Rahmdar, Dr. Rastegar and Dr. Malekvand were the other speakers of this ceremony. Dr. Malekvand, CEO of Daroopakhsh Holding said over 5 years, Owzan Co. has been arrived to the Top Company from a dissolving company in terms of performance. It should be noted that this celebration was held in order to thank and appreciate of Mr. Moazzemi and Dr. Kakhki and introduction of Mr. Ansari and Mr. Barghi as new non-executive members of the board of directors of Owzan Company.

Mr. Moazzemi is a reputable manager and one of the founders of the medical equipment and healthcare and he has an active presence and a strategic role as a CEO, member of chairman of the board of directors at Owzan Company in the past two decades.

Dr. Kakhki is one of the experienced manager of the Ministry of Health that he also has brilliant management backgrounds in the Red Crescent and Social Security Organization. At the ceremony, in addition to the appreciation of the efforts of these magnates, it was appreciated of the efforts of Mr. Barghi as Deputy Financial & Administrative assistance and the bound member and Dr. Rastegar as a former of the board of directors due to one year's activity. At the end of ceremony,

Mr. Ansari, (a new member of the boards of directors) was introduced as a substitute for Mr. Kakhki in the Board of Directors.

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