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عنوان : The powerful presences of Owzan Company at the 22nd IRAN HEALTH Exhibition
کد خبر : ۱۹۷۳
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ساعت : ۱۳:۱۰:۵۹

امتیاز :  ۱/۸۰ |  مجموع :  ۵

The 22nd International Exhibition of IRAN HEALTHS was held at the International Exhibition Center in Tehran on June 10-12, 2019, with attendance more than 500 domestic medical, dental, laboratory and pharmaceutical companies in order to introduce the capabilities of the field of Health and with the slogan “An incomparable exhibition depicting promotion in public health”.

In the course of this Exhibition, the main focus was for “Supporting to High quality domestic production of Medical Equipment of the Country"; the supreme authority in Health and Medical Education Ministry and other officials also emphasized on this subject.

As in previous years, according to the specified strategic objectives, Owzan Company also had a strong and active presence in this field and participated in one of the largest booth at the 38th Hall and hosted the country’s Health activities.

At the time of the Iran Health exhibition, considering the active role of Owzan Company in the health system of the country; the Company hosted senior civilian and military officials, departments and Medical centers of the country.

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