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جمعه, 22 فروردين 1399
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عنوان : The appointment of the OWZAN Company’s security administrator
کد خبر : ۱۹۵۲
تاريخ :
ساعت : ۱۱:۱۲:۳

امتیاز :  ۵/۰۰ |  مجموع :  ۱

By issuing a decree from Dr. Rahmdar, CEO of Owzan Company, Mr. "Alireza Joogheh Doost" was appointed as the security administrator of Owzan Company.

The decree is as follows:

According to your commitment and history, you are appointed as a security administrator of Owzan Company till you work to achieve your goals according to the rules and by maintaining the interests and benefits of the company.

It is hoped to be successful on the basis of Allah to advance the objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and planned policies and announced to company.

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