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عنوان : Appreciation of OWZAN CO. in the 5th Alborz Consumer Consultation
کد خبر : ۱۹۴۹
تاريخ :
ساعت : ۱۵:۱۲:۳۰

امتیاز :  ۵/۰۰ |  مجموع :  ۱

The fifth provincial capital appreciation ceremony was held on Tuesday on 10/07/1397 (02 October, 2018) at 10 am in the Hall Conference of Shahid Hosein Fahmideh on Industry, Mine and Trade of Alborz Province. This ceremony was held with the presence of Majid Arghandoor, Director General of the Office for the Coordination of the Provinces and Supervising the Organization for the Protection of Users and Producers, Provincial officials and Managers of the top enterprises of the province.

Also, Deputy Finance and Board Member along with a group of senior executives of OWZAN CO. were attended at this ceremony.

Finally, after reviews of the 58 firms applying for certification, 25 firms were selected and OWZAN Co. was the only manufacturer of dental amalgam among the top companies.

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